ASSIGNMENT 4: Anatomy of Story – 5 Stories

As a leader, people look to you to handle issues and move situations forward. Whether from the front of the room, or the kitchen, it is key to empower others to move forward. By using stories, we can nudge others without appearing to have intervened in a way that creates dependence or even bad feelings.

Success with assignment will depend a great deal on your willingness to make it easy. We are in the conscious incompetence place with a new area of learning. Choose easy stories for this assignment so that you can learn the inner workings. I promise that we will challenge further as the program moves forward.

Seek feedback often from your group in your group Slack channel before seeking mentor feedback in the #projects channel. Enjoy!


Select 5 stories and use the story anatomy notation to record them:

  1. Brainstorm a large number of stories – personal, fables, legends, other people’s…
  2. Choose 5 that are complete in the world and you would find interesting to tell
  3. Post in #assignments on Slack that you have selected your 5 stories
  4. Find the 6 points in the story – Normal, Change, Low point, Decision, Path, New Normal
  5. Refine the points so that only a few words represent each point
  6. Repeat for all 5 stories

Post questions in the #assignments Slack channel.

Due Date: February 23rd

Virtual Training


This assignment is designed to ensure:

  • You gain an understanding of the anatomy of story
  • Provide the experience required to layer in a number of ways to move others with story
  • Create an environment where you could choose independence or inter-dependence so that you will know where you are at in your personal development.

Pro Tip: Choose stories you know well. The anatomy will be more obvious.

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