ASSIGNMENT 5a: Create a Workshop or Video Series Curriculum

As a leader, you may be called upon to share your expertise. You may also require a training to fill out your business funnel. This is often a lower price asset that welcomes people to spend time with you while they receive huge value.

Success with assignment will depend a great deal on your willingness to lean into your groups and mentors for feedback. Ask your questions, including the best question of all! ‘What question did I miss asking?’

Seek feedback often from your group in your group Slack channel before seeking mentor feedback in the #projects channel. Enjoy!


Create a workshop or video series:

  1. Choose a topic that will benefit your current clients/prospects. Make it high-value for them.
  2. Seek feedback
  3. Brainstorm everything you could teach for this topic
  4. Select what you choose to teach in this particular training
  5. Organize the information into the Meta Curriculum 4Mat – Seek feedback
  6. Post final version for celebration!

Post questions and links in the #assignments Slack channel.

This assignment is designed to ensure:

  • You  build on your current understanding of curriculum development
  • Provide the experience required to learn another logical level on curriculum development
  • Create the intensity required to move you through your blocks and into greater levels of leadership

Pro Tip: Start right away and keep it moving. Seek assistance when you feel you are blocking your own progress. 

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