ASSIGNMENT 5b: Create a Workshop or Video Series Curriculum

You are doing a great job! You have a focus now and its time to start the planning process.

Success with assignment will depend a great deal on your willingness to lean into your groups and mentors for feedback. Ask your questions, including the best question of all! ‘What question did I miss asking?’

Seek feedback often from your group in your group Slack channel before seeking mentor feedback in the #projects channel. Enjoy!


Reverse Engineer Your Meta Curriculum:

Use the Curriculum Development II: Reverse Engineering process document to guide:

  1. Initial Brainstorm
  2. Guided Brainstorm
  3. Patterning
  4. Segmentation

In the next assignment, we will move to the final two steps

5. Upsell Determination

6. 4Mats

Monday, March 11th is a Q&A session with a large part of it set aside for your questions on this assignment. Engage in the process to have enough experience to formulate all of your questions. The due date for this assignment will be revealed then.

Post questions and links in the #assignments Slack channel.

Video and other resources

This assignment is designed to ensure:

  • You  build on your current understanding of curriculum development
  • Provide the experience required to learn another logical level on curriculum development
  • Create the intensity required to move you through your blocks and into greater levels of leadership

Pro Tip: Enter your participants model of the world to know what they know, believe, value, and require for skill development

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