ASSIGNMENT 5c: Create a Workshop or Video Series Curriculum

We have been hearing how much easier it was to follow the process. How you didn’t need to know how it would all work out to have a great outcome when you followed the process. Well, we certainly noticed!

As before, success with assignment will depend a great deal on your willingness to lean into your groups and mentors for feedback. Ask your questions, including the best question of all! ‘What question did I miss asking?’

Seek feedback often from your group in your group Slack channel before seeking mentor feedback in the #projects channel. Enjoy!

In the Last Assignment: 

Reverse Engineer Your Meta Curriculum:

Use the Curriculum Development II: Reverse Engineering process document to guide:

  1. Initial Brainstorm
  2. Guided Brainstorm
  3. Patterning
  4. Segmentation

Now it is time to go back to your Reverse Engineering process document and complete step 5 and step 6

      5. Upsell seeding

For this, consider what their next steps are (your Big Why) and how will you incorporate it? Sales segment, or weaving in the mentioning of your services, stories? Hand outs?

      6. 4Mats created

Now you have everything you need to create the individual 4Mats for each segment and then update/create your Meta 4Mat.

Seek feedback from your group and then, once incorporated, from the mentors.

Due Date: Monday, April 1st is the due date for this assignment. Engage in the process to have enough experience to formulate all of your questions.

Post questions and links in the #assignments Slack channel.

Video and other resources

This assignment is designed to ensure:

  • You  build on your current understanding of curriculum development
  • Provide the experience required to learn another logical level on curriculum development
  • Create the intensity required to move you through your blocks and into greater levels of leadership

Pro Tip: As you experience the unfolding of your curriculum in your head, you may see that things need to change – you have permission to make the adjustments you need to ensure a top quality outcome for your participants. 

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