ASSIGNMENT 6a: Leadership Storytelling

Deeply moving people through stories is a legacy of our humanity.

For a leader, there is an opportunity to take the art of storytelling and add science for incredible impact. We know that the brain functions on both the conscious and unconscious levels. By taking care to speak to both, the value we deliver grows exponentially. The added time and reduced effort, for both the trainer and participant, can be poured into greater connection, value, and fun for everyone.

Your assignments will start at the beginning and explore both metaphors and building up to design multiply-embedded metaphors. We will layer in the skillsets and set the stage for your mastery.

Assignment 6a

  1. Choose three stories for each of the following themes (15 in total);
    • I worry about what other people think, so I don’t speak up when I can help them
    • People won’t value what I have to share, and that means I need another degree
    • I’m just not motivated, so it will never happen
    • I’m not perfect and that means I can’t lead
    • I don’t want to make others mad, so I don’t say no when people are disrespectful
  2. Record yourself telling each one of them (expect to find yourself rambling…lol – you will not be sharing these recordings – they are for you)
  3. Tell the stories to others
  4. Pick your favourites (at least 1 for each theme) and record it on one of your index cards (problem theme, context, turning point, solution)
  5. Choose your best one from each of the themes and share them with your group for feedback (whether you do this live or record them is up to each group)

Feedback Considerations

When giving feedback on this assignment to your group members, focus on the following things:

  • Could you identify the context? (work, education, home, personal, rock climbing etc.)
  • Was the problem theme clear
  • What was the turning point (from problem to a solution) – was it obvious?
  • Was there a solution?
  • What emotions did you experience during the story?
  • Did the storyteller hold your attention throughout?
  • What was the impact you experienced?

Seek feedback from your group and incorporate.

Although available, mentor feedback is not required.

Due Date: Monday, April 8th

Engage in the process to have enough experience to formulate all of your questions. Post questions and links in the #assignments Slack channel.

Video and other resources

This assignment is designed to ensure:

  • You gain an awareness of the power of stories for the unconscious mind
  • Provide the experience required to install a number of stories you can pull from as you lead
  • Create the intensity required to move you through your blocks and into greater levels of leadership

Pro Tip: Stories can come from many sources. Your stories, friends, people you look up to, movies, or heck, make ’em up!

Bonus Pro Tip: Remember that you will always tell them differently each and every time. Give yourself room to do tell the story the way the listener needs to hear it in that precise moment. This means keeping your bullet points high-level – reminders only.

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