Narrow your focus to make more money – Part 3 of 3

Now it’s time to be bold. Very bold. If you have been following along this three part series focused on narrowing your client focus to make more money, then you will now have removed the excuses you may had lingering about whether or not you could be an expert, and have two lists of people. Of the two lists, the first is filled with people you would love to work with, and the second is a list of those you wouldn’t. Simple as that.

It’s not possible to overstate the point that a narrowly focused section of the population will lead to greater revenue generation. Here are some examples to prove my point;

  • The narrow focus allows for you to be highly specific in your marketing
  • Specific marketing will allow your people to self-identify and ‘know’ that you are for them
  • Time wasted with people you can’t help or don’t want to be helped is virtually eliminated from your schedule
  • Your programs are so tailored that your clients are awed at the very real value you provide. They insist on showering you with referrals and amazing testimonials
  • People not part of your narrow focus will immediately know which of their family and friends should connect with you
  • You will become seen as the expert by a growing group of people you have never met
  • Other entrepreneurs with a similar narrow focus but providing a complimentary service will want to ‘joint venture’ with you, bringin hundreds of potential clients within your reach

Now listen, listen, listen – this whole process does not mean you won’t accept other clients for other services you provide. What it does mean is that you will be managing your time and money marketing to people who have a clear understanding that they need you.

Now – what do you do with your list? Great question!

Pull out all the names that you circled and reorder them. List those that have four checkmarks at the top, draw a line and put those with three, then draw a line and put the final names down – those with two and one check marks.

This new list is the seed-list to help you discover ‘your people’. The people at the top of the list with four checkmarks have all of the necessary criteria;

  • They have a problem for which they are seeking a solution
  • They are willing and able to pay for that solution
  • You are willing to lead them – and they will appreciate being led by you
  • You would find joy in serving them and people just like them over and over again.

This is the recipe for fueling your business, your revenue, your dream.

Really reflect on these people. What do they have in common? Do they have any of these in common?

  • Workplace
  • Income level
  • Marital status
  • Neighbourhoods
  • Shopping
  • Vacations
  • Size and make up of family (kids/parents)
  • Pain points
  • Hobbies
  • Education level
  • Etc

Once you have this list, you will automatically know where other people just like them are likely to be, how to communicate to them specifically and how to notice them in a room during a networking event.

Do you get how much time and energy this saves you? How much more joy it will bring?

It’s just like if those huge big box stores had a drive thru! You wouldn’t have to find parking, get in line to go in, get lost trying to find the one thing you need, come out with too much stuff, and then have a fit over how you forgot the one thing you went in for.

So we have covered a lot of ground from why you should feel like an expert, why you should narrow your focus and how to do it.

Next time we will be using all of this to answer some very key questions about the path your narrowly focused peeps will travel to get to your door.

‘til then, stay magnificent!


Narrow your focus, be the expert, make more money Part Two

Wanted: Entrepreneurs who want to sleep well at night while they build a high revenue expert model based business

Is that specific enough for you?

What did you do inside when you read that title? Did you do an internal check to see if this applied to you? I bet you did. That is what you want people to do for you. For many that read that title and it didn’t fit them, they are likely reading someone else’s article right now. It’s great for them – they are not wasting their time here.

You are here either because this title fits you and so you know the content will be applicable to you, or you thought of someone you care about and want to see if you should forward the link to them.

Either way that is good for you, them, and me.

This is part two of a three part article series on finding your focus in the expert model. In part one we challenged some excuses about whether or not you can be an expert out of the gate. Now that it’s settled, we can move on to narrow your focus to the clients you will choose to take on in your business…assuming you want faster revenue growth than you have experienced to date.

It has taken three years to figure out who I should be working with. At first I didn’t have the guidance I needed. I didn’t even know I was implementing the expert model. Then I didn’t listen. Once I noticed that others in the expert model were narrowing and focusing their efforts were really growing fast, I was willing to tentatively put my toe in the water (I know, slow learner).

I started with these questions: Who are the people that naturally will gain the most from what I have to offer? Who are the people that will find the shortest and least expensive path to their goals through the services I offer? Who is it that breaks my heart everytime I see them struggling without my solution? Heck, who were our favourite clients and why?

Before, when nothing really resonated with us strongly and consistently, making money felt hard and it just wouldn’t flow. I will tell you a secret, if it doesn’t resonate with you, it won’t resonate with them!

So now it’s your turn to decide who you choose to serve.

We all acknowledge that everybody needs you. Who will have the honour of working with you? If this still gives you a stomach flip when you think about all those ‘other people’ – can we just pretend? For 30 minutes? Take the advice of someone who thought she knew better and just play along. Answer the questions below for your expert model business and then we will talk about how to use it next time.

  1. What problem(s) do you have the solution for?
  2. Create a list of people who you know have/had this problem (even if you think for some reason they won’t work with you e.g. have already passed on or feel out of your reach right now)
  3. Read each name, think about the person and circle the ones you would love to work with
  4. Read the four statements below and apply to each circled name – if true then put a check mark next to the name
    • Has a problem for which they are seeking a solution
    • Willing and able to pay for that solution
    • You are willing to lead them
    • If you could copy them and serve them again and again you would

You will have two lists now. Those you would prefer to work with and those you don’t. Set some time aside to think about the common characteristics of both lists.

So what surprised you? Tell us in the comments below how this exercise changed how you see your potential and current client list.

Next time I will take you through how you use both of these lists to fuel your expert model business.

To your magnificence


Narrow Focus for More Money

Narrow your focus, be the expert, and make more money Part One

Just imagine a business where;

  • Your clients applied to work with you
  • You only accepted clients who you loved to work with, and
  • You provided only the services you loved to provide and nothing more

If this lights up something inside of you then you are ideal for the Expert Model. If that term is new to you, it’s about having a narrow niche, where you become the ‘go-to’ person for everyone. You are easy to refer, you are top of mind for clients, and anyone that is serious about results seeks you out.

There is more income in the Expert Model than the ‘I can be all things to all people model’ – let me prove it to you.

This is a three part article. Welcome to Part One

So I hear a few of you, ‘Karen where do I sign up?’ Well you just did. Putting your hand up and realizing that this is what you want to build is the first step.

Many of you may feel weird about this or have several things running through your head. I have heard things like this from clients, colleagues, and oh, even myself at one time;

’But I am no different than Fred, or Sally, down the road that does what I do’ (names changed to protect the innocent)


‘I’m new!’

Or …my favourite…

‘What I do is so easy for me, how can I charge that much for it?’

The Expert Model is about finding the one thing you love and doing just that. The more you do it, the more you know about it.

Let’s go through each of the panic driven excuses above.

’But I am no different than Fred, or Sally, down the road that does what I do’ – Well you are all different. Didn’t your Mom or teacher ever explain the snowflake principle to you? Although Fred and/Sally may have the qualifications you do, they do not however have the same focus.

Also, know that the group of prospective clients out there that would choose you will not likely consider Sally for more than a moment. At a deeper level they just want to work with you, they trust you.

‘I’m new!’ – Yes and…? I would be very surprised to find out that you don’t have previous experience throughout your life, if it is drawing you that strongly. I spent more than 15 years managing projects before I ever went to take the test and become certified as a professional project manager. Did the piece of paper make me a better project manager? No. If, you are new to your field, all the more reason to narrow your focus and choose an area to read and learn more about.

‘What I do is so easy for me, how can I charge that much for it?’ – You may be mistaking the talents you were born with and what the rest of us think are easy. The things that come most naturally for you are the most marketable features. People are willing to invest to have their needs met in a way that costs them less in time, money, and energy. Just because it is easy for you, does that mean you shouldn’t charge full value for what the client is receiving?

I will leave you there. Next time we will dive more into how to select that narrow focus for the Expert Model that will be the basis to launch a stable and profitable business for you.

For now, think about what your expertise is. Compare that to what you are doing now, or have decided you want your business to be about. Does it match up? Do you love it? Who will you serve? Do you love working with them?

To your magnificence

Point of View

Are you in even in the right business? Your Point Of View matters

Remember, from last time, your real Why, was the egotistical piece about why you wanted to be an entrepreneur, the piece that put your feet on the floor every morning. Once you are real about that, the next step is to layer in your Point of View – the lens in which your business expresses itself in the world.

There can be lots of coaches, many healers, and even more massage therapists. It’s their Point of View that makes each one unique. It is another foundation piece on the easiest path to finding who your ideal clients should be and from there what business you should be in.

Let’s start uncovering your Point of View.

Your real Why was a shock for many of you; glad to hear it! For others it was a validation – love to hear that too.

Now that we are off that Kool-Aid, would you like to know if you are in the right business?

Remember, your real Why, was the egotistical piece about why you wanted to be an entrepreneur, the piece that put your feet on the floor every morning. Once you are real about that, the next step is to layer in your Point of View – the lens in which your business expresses itself in the world.

There can be lots of coaches, many healers, and even more massage therapists. It’s their Point of View that makes each one unique. It is another foundation piece on the easiest path to finding who your ideal clients should be and from there what business you should be in.

Let’s start uncovering your Point of View.

Find a chunk of paper and a pen, or open a new document on your tablet and get ready to start tapping. Ready? Now, write about the people you want to serve. Your prospective clients and customers. Specifically, the things that break your heart and really gets your dander up. Here are some questions to get you started;

  1. She/he should have called me, I could have saved them so much…
  2. It breaks my heart when they _________. If they only knew they could have ___________ instead.
  3. If I could just have 5 minutes with them I would tell them….

Now scan through. Did you describe your current business? Do your current products and/or services meet this need?

If there is a mismatch, you may find yourself feeling like you only created a JOB for yourself. That sucks.

Now that you know your Why for being an entrepreneur in the first place, take the time to be certain you are pointed in the direction of your passion. Your passion is the work you were put here to do.

You will find that front and centre in your Point of View!

My Point of View is that new and aspiring entrepreneurs need early access to straight forward training to build the skills and knowledge that will allow them to sleep at night while they build a passionate and profitable business they love.

Share your Point of View below – we would love to hear how your passion is shaping your business.

To your magnificence

What's Your Big Why?

Do you REALLY know your big ‘Why’?

For years, as an entrepreneur I talked a good talk about what I would achieve. The trips, the advantages for friends and family, as I surpassed their wildest imaginings of my success. I always fell short, or sometimes never left the starting gate at all. How come? What left me unwilling to follow the model of those that succeeded ahead of me? I was frustrated, embarrassed, and doubted myself completely. Things didn’t change until I realized the truth of my ‘Why’ – discovered my real why, the one most mothers would think was ‘dirty’ or worse, ‘not nice’. Can you relate to some of these ‘Why’s?

  • I want to help people
  • I want to support my family
  • I want to change the world and make it a better place
  • I want to make a difference

Wrong! These are great and noble things to do with your success. They look great on a website or when speaking with friends.

They will not get you out of bed in the morning, they will not move you out of your little box and into the place of discomfort that an entrepreneur needs to embrace and live in.

Your ‘Why’ needs to be about you. That’s right – YOU. It needs to be selfish,  egotistical, self-centered, self-interested… all the things you were taught not to be. All the things you were taught were shameful. Oops!

So now what? Own it. That’s what. Grab a cup of tea, find a comfy spot and listen to your inner voice. See just what you really do care about down inside where your motivation begins. Own your ‘Why’! Is it a need for

  • Recognition?
  • Satisfaction that comes from leadership?
  • Proof you can support yourself?

When that inner piece of you is honoured, and more importantly -fed often – your success will grow. Then you can do all of those other things that make you feel good too. Those things that only success (i.e. cashflow) will allow you do for others

  • Sending parents on an all inclusive trip to Maui for their anniversary
  • Buy a cottage in Muskoka and invite friends and family often to enjoy the view
  • Taking your kids and their friends to Disney Land while they are young enough to truly enjoy the wonder.
  • Be the lead supporter of your favourite charity

Join the ranks of successful entrepreneurs. Get down and dirty with your ‘Why’. Own it and you will have the drive and energy to learn, grow,  and soar with us!

My tummy is flipping – here we grow again!

Do you ever get that tummy flip when you take on something new? When you wonder if you have bitten off more than you can chew? We look for that every day. How can we stretch ourselves today? It is our coaches that help us stretch in all the right ways.

Since we believe that you should never hire a coach that doesn’t have a coach, we stay true to that belief and have two coaches along with a number of mentors – each person on this advisory panel has a specific strength. My Master Trainer and our Strategic Business Coach are the main source of advice and guidance.

Most recently, we have joined our Strategic Business Coach’s highest level Master Mind Group. This is an investment that will catapult us to the next level…fast.

What are doing to stretch you this week? How are you growing to meet your future needs? Book your complimentary Results Discovery Session and together we will figure it out.

Welcome! New website, new blogs, new programs oh my!

Three years in business has seen a lot of changes. Our web presence has grown and evolved, along with our business. If you had visited the previous website, you will know it focused mainly on coaching. Now that all the hard work has led to our business obtaining Institute Status with three boards we have much so much more to offer. With our training, you may choose to be certified at the Practitioner or Master Practitioner levels in;

  • Neurolinguistic  Programming (NLP)
  • NLP Coach
  • Creating Your Future®/Time Line Therapy®
  • Hypnotherapy

We are excited to share our journey with you and invite you to engage, learn, and grow with us.