Clear a single path to your door. . .Now

You have narrowed your focus – congratulations!

Now you are a beacon for the people who really need you and want to be served by you. Unlike your colleagues who are creating a fog of confusion with their generic messaging.

Now that your prospective clients see your beacon over the hill – would you like them to find you easily and effortlessly? For them to come straight and unwaveringly to you?

The next step is to clear a single path to your door. . .Now. There are only a small handful of possible paths clients can take to your business – Four (4) to be exact – pick one!

  • Business Path – for serving the needs of your clients in the context of their business
  • Spiritual Path – for serving the needs of your clients in the context of their spiritual journey
  • Health & Wellness Path – for serving the needs of your clients in the context of their own health & wellness
  • Relationship Path – for serving the needs of your clients in the context of their relationships with self and/or others

Listen, listen, listen…even though your experience, tools, and techniques may assist clients in more than one or even all contexts – you must pick one context to market to your clients – or you risk confusion and an immediate ‘No’.

Here are some examples;

Example 1: Sandra is a Yoga instructor. Although it seems intuitive to clear the  Health & Wellness path for her clients to get to her door, she could also choose to clear the Relationship path and do Yoga seminars and classes for couples or Mom and Tots to build stronger relationships and bonding. Although she may offer both services in her studio – she will choose to pick just one to market and become known as an expert.

Example 2: Theresa is an NLP Coach. Her tools can help everyone do anything. Sounds like a blessing but ends up being marketing fog if she doesn’t clear a single path. She decides that based on her point of view and the people she loves to serve, they would most easily find her on the business path – she decides to market herself as an Executive Coach. The fact that her clients’ Relationships and Health & Wellness will improve through the process of working with her become a bonus.

Example 3: Brenda is a Distributor in an amazing network marketing company. She has aspirations of being a leader and helping other women create flexible part-time home based businesses like hers. Regardless of the products available through this company Brenda will have to decide if she will be marketing the business or the products. The products will determine a specific path – there are lots of network marketing companies that are in the Health & Wellness space for instance. However, if she decides it’s about building her team, then she needs to highlight and market the business to be ultimately successful.

The last example is probably the best to illustrate how confusing it can be for people when you do not clear a single path to your door. “I have great products and you can build a business too!” Your potential client’s mind just blows, they feel confused and just say no.

In Summary

Even when you can legitimately serve clients on more than one path – it’s important to distinguish between what clients will experience once inside your door, vs the path they take to get to your door.

More than one path creates confusion – pick just one to market.

Which is the one path for your clients? Share it below. Not sure? Ask below and we can help you.

Image credit: lightwise / 123RF Stock Photo

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