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‘Down the drain’ is a good thing

Funnels? Staircases? How could this have anything to do with growing my business? All this can be confusing for anyone. As a new or aspiring entrepreneur they are often way down on the list of things to worry about.

Better yet – how about you learn to build a business that you love and will love for a long time?

That’s why we streamlined and combined these key techniques so you can take advantage, focus on results, and make more money now. There is a whole workshop available to you – ‘How Many Coffee’s Does it Take?‘ It is offered monthly as a space for you to learn and get assistance while you design the business you love.

Below is an overview of how ‘Down the Drain’ is a good thing – try it out.


  • Even with a narrow focus, you will cast your net wide to see who is interested in your message. The more focused and clear the message the greater the response.
  • Those that resonate with their interaction with you will lean in for more. Those that saw value, but just not for them will refer you to friends and family.
  • Since we need to build trust along the way it’s important to offer a taste for free, a nibble for a small fee, and then a snack and finally the whole picnic basket.
  • Re-use, re-use, re-use.

Building your Funnel.

Although you fill the funnel from the top – it’s important to create from the bottom.

  1. What is the service you love to provide? The one that you personalize.
    • This will be your priciest service and the bottom of the funnel
    • examples: 1 on 1 coaching, exclusive events/training for small numbers of people
  2. How can you leverage this product/service you love to provide? Can you offer it to more people with just a few tweaks? Let them do more for themselves in a more general way? Still provides loads of value?
    • Charge less than the personalized program
    • examples: mastermind group, 2 day workshop
  3. What one theme can you pull out of your high level program? One that can stand on its own.
    • Charge a nominal amount that allows people to invest in finding out more about what you have to offer without too much personal risk
    • Pricing may range from $7 to $97 depending on what you are offering
    • examples: evening workshop, video training
  4. This last piece, your irresistible free offer, your ‘pink spoon‘ will have such value you might get a titch squirmish about it.
    • This will be a free glimpse into the value you will provide
    • examples: white paper, video, worksheet, quiz


Build your funnel to allow everyone who might either be or know someone in your narrow focus to find out about you, to taste a bit of what you have to offer. If they are hungry they will lean in for more. Allow people to self-select into your business. Those that stay want to be there and share in what you have. Those that don’t may know others and we bless them as they go on their merry way. In the end you are offering your high end services to people you love to work with and who love to work with you. You know you have it right when people lean in and think ‘Down the drain’ is a good thing.

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