Narrow your focus, be the expert, make more money Part Two

Wanted: Entrepreneurs who want to sleep well at night while they build a high revenue expert model based business

Is that specific enough for you?

What did you do inside when you read that title? Did you do an internal check to see if this applied to you? I bet you did. That is what you want people to do for you. For many that read that title and it didn’t fit them, they are likely reading someone else’s article right now. It’s great for them – they are not wasting their time here.

You are here either because this title fits you and so you know the content will be applicable to you, or you thought of someone you care about and want to see if you should forward the link to them.

Either way that is good for you, them, and me.

This is part two of a three part article series on finding your focus in the expert model. In part one we challenged some excuses about whether or not you can be an expert out of the gate. Now that it’s settled, we can move on to narrow your focus to the clients you will choose to take on in your business…assuming you want faster revenue growth than you have experienced to date.

It has taken three years to figure out who I should be working with. At first I didn’t have the guidance I needed. I didn’t even know I was implementing the expert model. Then I didn’t listen. Once I noticed that others in the expert model were narrowing and focusing their efforts were really growing fast, I was willing to tentatively put my toe in the water (I know, slow learner).

I started with these questions: Who are the people that naturally will gain the most from what I have to offer? Who are the people that will find the shortest and least expensive path to their goals through the services I offer? Who is it that breaks my heart everytime I see them struggling without my solution? Heck, who were our favourite clients and why?

Before, when nothing really resonated with us strongly and consistently, making money felt hard and it just wouldn’t flow. I will tell you a secret, if it doesn’t resonate with you, it won’t resonate with them!

So now it’s your turn to decide who you choose to serve.

We all acknowledge that everybody needs you. Who will have the honour of working with you? If this still gives you a stomach flip when you think about all those ‘other people’ – can we just pretend? For 30 minutes? Take the advice of someone who thought she knew better and just play along. Answer the questions below for your expert model business and then we will talk about how to use it next time.

  1. What problem(s) do you have the solution for?
  2. Create a list of people who you know have/had this problem (even if you think for some reason they won’t work with you e.g. have already passed on or feel out of your reach right now)
  3. Read each name, think about the person and circle the ones you would love to work with
  4. Read the four statements below and apply to each circled name – if true then put a check mark next to the name
    • Has a problem for which they are seeking a solution
    • Willing and able to pay for that solution
    • You are willing to lead them
    • If you could copy them and serve them again and again you would

You will have two lists now. Those you would prefer to work with and those you don’t. Set some time aside to think about the common characteristics of both lists.

So what surprised you? Tell us in the comments below how this exercise changed how you see your potential and current client list.

Next time I will take you through how you use both of these lists to fuel your expert model business.

To your magnificence


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