Other Valuable Resources

There is a rich collection of NLP training that Karen and other trainers have conducted that crosses over into Leadership, Training, and Impact & Reach. You will find all of those resources here.

Deep Dive into Beliefs (1hr, 27min)

We have learned about beliefs. There is so much more to know; like how they function within us and how to identify their whole structure. Watch this video to discover a greater foundational understanding of beliefs. You will see yourself and others in a very different way – a more complete way.

Frequency and Resonance (Audience reframing example) 2hrs, 4min

This GeekyNLP evening had a wide range of experience and beliefs around the topic. To keep everyone on track, it was necessary to do a lot of reframing along the way so that everyone could have the experience that they needed. Lots of fun for me – took every bit of reframing skill I had. Ask lots of questions!

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