Narrow Focus for More Money

Narrow your focus, be the expert, and make more money Part One

Just imagine a business where;

  • Your clients applied to work with you
  • You only accepted clients who you loved to work with, and
  • You provided only the services you loved to provide and nothing more

If this lights up something inside of you then you are ideal for the Expert Model. If that term is new to you, it’s about having a narrow niche, where you become the ‘go-to’ person for everyone. You are easy to refer, you are top of mind for clients, and anyone that is serious about results seeks you out.

There is more income in the Expert Model than the ‘I can be all things to all people model’ – let me prove it to you.

This is a three part article. Welcome to Part One

So I hear a few of you, ‘Karen where do I sign up?’ Well you just did. Putting your hand up and realizing that this is what you want to build is the first step.

Many of you may feel weird about this or have several things running through your head. I have heard things like this from clients, colleagues, and oh, even myself at one time;

’But I am no different than Fred, or Sally, down the road that does what I do’ (names changed to protect the innocent)


‘I’m new!’

Or …my favourite…

‘What I do is so easy for me, how can I charge that much for it?’

The Expert Model is about finding the one thing you love and doing just that. The more you do it, the more you know about it.

Let’s go through each of the panic driven excuses above.

’But I am no different than Fred, or Sally, down the road that does what I do’ – Well you are all different. Didn’t your Mom or teacher ever explain the snowflake principle to you? Although Fred and/Sally may have the qualifications you do, they do not however have the same focus.

Also, know that the group of prospective clients out there that would choose you will not likely consider Sally for more than a moment. At a deeper level they just want to work with you, they trust you.

‘I’m new!’ – Yes and…? I would be very surprised to find out that you don’t have previous experience throughout your life, if it is drawing you that strongly. I spent more than 15 years managing projects before I ever went to take the test and become certified as a professional project manager. Did the piece of paper make me a better project manager? No. If, you are new to your field, all the more reason to narrow your focus and choose an area to read and learn more about.

‘What I do is so easy for me, how can I charge that much for it?’ – You may be mistaking the talents you were born with and what the rest of us think are easy. The things that come most naturally for you are the most marketable features. People are willing to invest to have their needs met in a way that costs them less in time, money, and energy. Just because it is easy for you, does that mean you shouldn’t charge full value for what the client is receiving?

I will leave you there. Next time we will dive more into how to select that narrow focus for the Expert Model that will be the basis to launch a stable and profitable business for you.

For now, think about what your expertise is. Compare that to what you are doing now, or have decided you want your business to be about. Does it match up? Do you love it? Who will you serve? Do you love working with them?

To your magnificence

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