Narrow your focus to make more money – Part 3 of 3

Now it’s time to be bold. Very bold. If you have been following along this three part series focused on narrowing your client focus to make more money, then you will now have removed the excuses you may had lingering about whether or not you could be an expert, and have two lists of people. Of the two lists, the first is filled with people you would love to work with, and the second is a list of those you wouldn’t. Simple as that.

It’s not possible to overstate the point that a narrowly focused section of the population will lead to greater revenue generation. Here are some examples to prove my point;

  • The narrow focus allows for you to be highly specific in your marketing
  • Specific marketing will allow your people to self-identify and ‘know’ that you are for them
  • Time wasted with people you can’t help or don’t want to be helped is virtually eliminated from your schedule
  • Your programs are so tailored that your clients are awed at the very real value you provide. They insist on showering you with referrals and amazing testimonials
  • People not part of your narrow focus will immediately know which of their family and friends should connect with you
  • You will become seen as the expert by a growing group of people you have never met
  • Other entrepreneurs with a similar narrow focus but providing a complimentary service will want to ‘joint venture’ with you, bringin hundreds of potential clients within your reach

Now listen, listen, listen – this whole process does not mean you won’t accept other clients for other services you provide. What it does mean is that you will be managing your time and money marketing to people who have a clear understanding that they need you.

Now – what do you do with your list? Great question!

Pull out all the names that you circled and reorder them. List those that have four checkmarks at the top, draw a line and put those with three, then draw a line and put the final names down – those with two and one check marks.

This new list is the seed-list to help you discover ‘your people’. The people at the top of the list with four checkmarks have all of the necessary criteria;

  • They have a problem for which they are seeking a solution
  • They are willing and able to pay for that solution
  • You are willing to lead them – and they will appreciate being led by you
  • You would find joy in serving them and people just like them over and over again.

This is the recipe for fueling your business, your revenue, your dream.

Really reflect on these people. What do they have in common? Do they have any of these in common?

  • Workplace
  • Income level
  • Marital status
  • Neighbourhoods
  • Shopping
  • Vacations
  • Size and make up of family (kids/parents)
  • Pain points
  • Hobbies
  • Education level
  • Etc

Once you have this list, you will automatically know where other people just like them are likely to be, how to communicate to them specifically and how to notice them in a room during a networking event.

Do you get how much time and energy this saves you? How much more joy it will bring?

It’s just like if those huge big box stores had a drive thru! You wouldn’t have to find parking, get in line to go in, get lost trying to find the one thing you need, come out with too much stuff, and then have a fit over how you forgot the one thing you went in for.

So we have covered a lot of ground from why you should feel like an expert, why you should narrow your focus and how to do it.

Next time we will be using all of this to answer some very key questions about the path your narrowly focused peeps will travel to get to your door.

‘til then, stay magnificent!


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