Level Up: Leadership Capacity Builder & NLP Practitioner
Comprehensive NLP training for leaders and coaches

You want them to get results. Big ones. As an entrepreneur, corporate manager, or coach, you already know that your personal development goes hand in hand with your ability to develop others. Goal setting is only part of the story. You know that a person’s belief systems and attitudes determine their success. But without a systematic approach, it’s hard to help your clients, colleagues, and team shift those beliefs and attitudes – to achieve the results you seek.

The Level Up: Leadership Capacity Builder & NLP Practitioner will:

  • Uncover

    a simple, systematic framework for positive change

  • Gain

    total control of your life

  • Create

    the kind of future you really want

  • Increase

    impact and reach

  • Connect and communicate

    effectively with the 60-80% of the population you may be missing right now

  • Identify

    perspectives created by unwanted and old programming and how to change them for greater leadership capacity

  • Control

    your feelings and state of mind – instantly

Graduates of the NLP Practitioner qualify for four Board Certifications and Professional Designations:

      • NLP Practitioner
      • NLP Coach Practitioner (Executive & Life)
      • Hypnotherapist
      • Time Line Therapy® Practitioner

These credentials, demonstrate to your potential clients, the rigor and depth of training you will have received.

Whether you’re a coach committed to lasting transformation for your clients, a manager committed to leading your team, or a leader committed to achieving extraordinary results, NLP Certification will improve your ability to influence and create positive, lasting change.

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