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The journey to results for any entrepreneur is often shaky and tiring to say the least. Getting it right the first time means plugging in with someone who has taken the journey. Who knows what your style of business needs to succeed, and wrapped in a community of equally success driven people. There are so many ideas out there that seem so counter-intuitive in the beginning. Yet, without these concepts running in your business, it cannot succeed.

It’s what you don’t know, you don’t know
that gets you every time.

Is this workshop for you?

  • You are the product

    In the expert model, you will be positioned as the product. Your journey (especially your messes) will be key to positioning you as the person who has been there and will provide the information and services others need.

    Examples: image consultant, coach of any specialty, nutritionist, psychotherapist, energy worker etc

  • You are ready to step into leadership

    Lots of entrepreneurs serve people. If it’s your passion to be out in front and making a bigger difference, then we need to talk

  • You are ready NOW

    It’s easy to want to want to be successful. If you are ready to do this for real, then you need the focus and direction that the Road to Result – Design Workshop will give you.

The program was first created for established entrepreneurs who had hit their revenue ceiling. They invest $5,000 for a VIP intensive experience. I take my commitment to my community of graduates very seriously and created a similar program designed for entrepreneurs ready to step out as leaders in a new way that would be solely for the graduates of the Professional NLP Board Designation Trainers Training Programs.

It was our commitment that our graduates have the access to entrepreneurial skill sets that would create a swift revenue stream. The small group hands on format meant that very soon this became the must have workshop for our Master Practitioners and Practitioner graduates as well.

Now for the first time,
the Road to ResultsTM – Business Design Workshop
is open to the entrepreneurial public.

This is a program for a specific business model. Hit the APPLY NOW button to request a call with Karen to see if this is the workshop that meets your needs.

Your business investment is $750+HST

Tiziana Benvenuto

I’m all about results – fast – and the Road To ResultsTM program was both fast and focused on generating results!  Before attending the training I was overwhelmed with the possibilities and expending a lot of energy ‘thinking about it’. Karen is absolutely a rock star for cutting through the noise quickly by asking questions that elicit the answers you didn’t know you had, pointing out and knocking out obstacles, and tasking with action that gets you set up as an expert in your field. Instead of wasting time, money and energy trying to figure it out on your own, register for Road To ResultsTM for clarity, specific actions and a revenue stream – fast.

Tiziana Benvenuto


  • Build a business that feeds your soul

    We do this by finding the real ‘Why’s for being an entrepreneur – there are three key Why’s in business and we will be delving deeply into two of them.

  • Build a business that feeds your wallet

    Building on passion alone will not be enough. There are key factors in choosing who you will single out as the people you choose to work with – that’s right – who you CHOOSE to work with.

  • Build a business where people ask for more

    With a focused business, each service leads to the next in a logical way for your clients. They will be asking you to take the next step. Those people who do not need your service will leave and feel great about recommending you to people who do need you!

Teresa Scaini

Just this last month I had the privilege of attending Road to ResultsTM with Karen Kessler. I have recently opened up a business and have struggled with getting it to take off. It almost seemed like it was impossible. I have worked in the public and private sector for many years with a wide variety of skills. Having a great amount of skills, I quickly came to realize that I had no experience in running a business and zero skills as an entrepreneur.

Karen Kessler was instrumental in helping me identify who my target population is in great detail. She was able to construct a plan of how to go about getting my business started and where to generate my leads in sales. Through Karen’s Road to ResultsTM, I have been able to put together a concrete plan leading me to results. Road to ResultsTM is about getting down to the detail of what your vision is, who you are best to serve and most importantly your message.

This course has greatly benefited me because I now know the steps that are needed to make my business flourish. Karen’s detailed Road to ResultsTM is easy to understand and has been designed for anyone to master. Let Karen Kessler show you the way to get your business started or prospering at higher levels.

Thank you Karen for a well designed program and your expertise in business.

Teresa Scaini

There is zero risk for hitting the ‘APPLY NOW’ button. Its a great way to have your questions answered and really wrap your hands around the value for you. Hear what you will achieve for you and your business and see if we have a matching vision for your future as an entrepreneur. 

Jackie Galvin

“Looking for results in your business?  Then I would highly recommend Karen’s Road to ResultsTM workshop NOW.  It will give you the insight, clarity and fuel to propel your business forward.  I was spending a lot of time “thinking about starting my business” and Karen asked the tough questions, helped me identify the immediate next steps and provided crucial insights to launch my business forward.  I now look forward to succeeding as an entrepreneur.  Thank you Karen!”

Jackie Galvin

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