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Meet Karen

Karen Kessler is committed to teaching people what they need to know to be successful, no matter what. It doesn’t matter where you are, or what’s happened in your past. To get whatever you want in your life, it starts with taking 100% responsibility for yourself.

Karen discovered this first hand after her first marriage ended. She realized that that she’d been looking outside herself to get her needs met for decades. She had the expectation that other people would anticipate what she wanted (without her asking)… and when they didn’t, she’d blame them.For the first time, she saw this approach for what it was: completely unworkable.

And so she made a decision to put herself in charge – and take full responsibility for what happened to her. She says, no matter what’s happening, you can always choose to pick your head up and say… ‘okay, I don’t really like this experience… but what am I going to do with it?’

This decision opened her awareness and she discovered there was a whole set of tools available to her. Learning and mastering them meant creating real relationships with self and others.

Karen decided that these tools should no longer be kept secret by a few. That everyone ready to see and hear them would be able to decide on their own if they were ready to step into the life of possibility.

Now, as a world class trainer and Master Coach, Karen continues to use these tools in her own life and train others. Her Board approved trainings are a fun environment to explore and begin the path to your own mastery.

Meet Jeff

jeff-aboutJeff Kessler understands that a computer program’s code produces a certain outcome. He believes that people run code that produces certain outcomes, too – only we don’t always realize it.

As Jeff approached his 40th birthday, he starting thinking that he didn’t really like how certain parts of his life were turning out.

He was a pack-a-day smoker. He was overweight. And, when he was truthful with himself, he saw that he was “going through the motions” in his job as a successful computer programmer.

And so he began the process of changing his life, step by step. Using many of the same strategies and techniques he now teaches his clients. As a result, Jeff lost 45 pounds, quit smoking, and left a job that he had outgrown to start his own business.

Jeff now helps his clients change the “code” that runs their lives, so they can get the results they want. He leads the Great Cubicle Escape program and works with clients privately and in groups.