Testimonials From A Few of Our Participants

Karen Kessler was very professional, confident, empathetic, extremely practical, and solution-oriented. She worked with me to determine a focused and realistic goal to support the growth of my business, and started me on the first steps I needed to take to achieve this goal. I would highly recommend ChooseRESULTS for anyone who needs help with navigating the path to achieving goals and success. Thank you ChooseRESULTS for providing such a positive and rewarding experience!

Andrew Sheppard

I came out with a clear direction, confidence, and a plan of action that guided me to my dream job, while I’m still studying to become a Technical Writer. Thank you Karen and Jeff.

Dr. Matthew Serrick

Thank you for an enlightening experience! You make an amazing team, and your values and support of each other is an inspiration. I am here at a turning point in my life, and I am so glad you are a positive part of it!


Karen had the ability to put everyone at ease quickly, ensure that everyone had time to speak without feeling centered out or pressured to respond. The process was thought provoking and results oriented.

Marie May

When you leave Karen and Jeff’s seminar, you can’t help but keep thinking about and taking steps toward reaching your goals.


Before I attended Master Practitioner, I was personally stuck and not moving forward. I was consciously trying to make changes.

While at the program I had many amazing breakthroughs which allowed me to make changes at the unconscious level and get rid of my limiting beliefs. I finally see the unlimited possibilities.

I recommend you sign up as quickly as possible, because it is truly life-changing.

Sulana Perelman
Karen Collacutt

Before I attended Master Practitioner training I was spinning in my business and in the process of messing it up big time.

While at the program, not only did I learn how to REALLY use the tools – in my life and my business, I cleared and changed several old patterns that will now allow me to really be the best I can be.

If you are considering this program, I recommend you throw out whatever you think it will be and be ready to grow, grow, grow!

Karen CollacuttMoney Coach

Before attending NLP I was extremely confused about my life and the path I wanted to go on. I had anxiety and no direction in my life as I felt stuck.

While at the training, I received many tools/techniques that are very simple to use which allowed me to connect with who I truly am and show me that I am magnificent in every way as well as knowing I have the power to decide and create change in my life.

My advice for those thinking of attending this training it to come and listen and learn how you can clear up your past and create the most powerful you, you every imagined.

Irayna Tallas

Testimonials From The Get RESULTS Now Experience

Karen is totally results oriented – her coaching and support was the catalyst I needed.

Susan K.

Since working with Jeff, I have noticed an increase in activity with my work and in the opportunities that were presented to me.

Mun Wai Chau

Karen’s professionalism & determination to help me release my problem was outstanding. I don’t believe anyone else would have persevered as she did. I thank her for her dedication to me….Awesome.