Virtual Training Series: Advanced Audience Techniqes

There is always more!

Happy to offer these trainings live for you and then post the recordings. Even if you couldn’t join us live, here are the videos and handouts as a resource for you.

July 17th – Recognizing Who is in Your Audience

There are a number of ways that people show up in an audience or program. Let’s go through the ones to watch out for and manage before they become someone who needs to be ‘handled’ in your room. We can ensure they get their needs met without sacrificing the needs of others in the room.

July 25th – Conscious and Unconscious Communications

We have covered so much of the conscious and unconscious integration required – let’s bring it all together and add in trance!

August 8th – Mastering Audience Questions

All the answers are the questions! Don’t believe me? Well, find out how easy it is to be in the room and move them forward. Sometimes answering the question is the lowest bar – let’s raise it!

August 8th – Stories – Bringing it All Together

There are so many places to add in stories – let’s bring it all together with a review and elevation so that you can continue your Master Story Teller journey.


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