Great Cubicle EscapeReady? Then let’s plan your escape

We have made the leap from government and corporate to successful entrepreneurship. Let’s talk about what you need to build that bridge. You can be a responsible adult AND live your passion – we can show you how.

The Great Cubicle Escape is guided experience personalized for your needs.

  • Your Escape Plan: From Employee to Entrepreneur

    The secret to sleeping well as an entrepreneur is to build the bridge and walk it. In this VIP experience, work with us to identify the most elegant transition from full time job to full time entrepreneur. Walk confidently towards your freedom.

  • Next-level Leadership™ Foundations Program

    Every well-developed leader will tell you that if you want to expand your leadership capacity, then you start by increasing your personal leadership. This 4-month integration program expands your skills, perceptions, and capacity to lead yourself and others.

Ready to get results? Click here to schedule Your Leadership Laser Session, where you’ll let us know your goals and we’ll let you know if we have a program that’s right for you.