ASSIGNMENT 7b: Crafting and Tailoring C>D

The finest asset you will have as a leader will be your ability to tell YOUR story, intentionally, and impactfully.

The first time you unveil your story on stage, you will be grateful to yourself for the time and attention you placed into crafting the elements of your story. You will feel the support and love of every person you invited to assist you in finding just the right elements, speed, tonality, and vulnerability.

By the time you are finished, you will have the flexibility to tell at least one of your stories in 5-minutes, 20 minutes, and woven through an entire event or training.

Your assignments will start at the beginning. It will begin with telling and retelling a 5-minute version of your story. The intention is to find just the right points that your story will hinge on.

Assignment 7b

  1. Brainstorm the Teachings you have earned on your travels
    • Think back to the journey that began the day you drew that amazing line in the sand
    • What were all the steps you made?
    • Who did you resource with?
    • What did you learn?
    • What beliefs changed for you?
    • What new skills do you have?
    • What new perspectives do you have?
    • What new ways of ‘doing’ or ‘being’ have you put into place?
    • What will you ‘never’ be or do again?
  2. Assess and find the key steps/learnings in your journey
    • There are lots of ways to organize and pull your journey together. Identify as many patterns as possible.
    • Here are some possible patterns you may discover:
      • Key Beliefs that changed
      • Key Skills you developed
      • Key People
      • Key Decisions/Changes
      • Key Milestones along the way
      • Best Advice you implemented
  3. Tailor The Lessons

The key to successful keynote is your ability to tailor the focus of your talk to your audience. You learned so much and finding key learnings that everyone can take away raises the value you provide 10-fold.

    • Pick a single audience or event where you can imagine delivering your keynote
    • Choose a set of learnings to share
    • Choose three of those learnings
    • Update your story to include these learnings only in your C>D segment

This will prepare you for the next phase – crafting your story for best effect

Due Date: Monday, May 27th

Feedback Considerations

When giving feedback on this assignment to your group members, focus on the following things:

  • Do the key teaching points for their journey relate back to the service they provide?
  • Can the three key teaching points make sense to be told together
  • Are the teaching points relevant to the audience that was selected?

Seek feedback from your group and mentors throughout

Engage in the process to have enough experience to formulate all of your questions. Post questions in the #assignments Slack channel.

This assignment is designed to ensure:

  • Build the skill of story design
  • Work together in groups to foster norming & forming

Pro Tip: Stay focused on this part of the process – we will be weaving in more and more. You will be able to do this process for as many audiences and stories as you like once you have completed it all the first time. 

Bonus Pro Tip: Stay chunked up!!

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