ASSIGNMENT 7a: Your Amazing Final Project

The finest asset you will have as a leader will be your ability to tell YOUR story, intentionally, and impactfully.

The first time you unveil your story on stage, you will be grateful to yourself for the time and attention you placed into crafting the elements of your story. You will feel the support and love of every person you invited to assist you in finding just the right elements, speed, tonality, and vulnerability.

By the time you are finished, you will have the flexibility to tell at least one of your stories in 5-minutes, 20 minutes, and woven through an entire event or training.

Your assignments will start at the beginning. It will begin with telling and retelling a 5-minute version of your story. The intention is to find just the right points that your story will hinge on.

Assignment 7a

  1. Choose one of your completed stories: Your life is filled with journeys. You will notice that they are all part of a pattern – a spiral that has been your own growth. Be sure that you are complete on this story. You can tell you are complete because you are able to tell the story with:
    1. A sense of nostalgia for who you were then
    2. Deep appreciation for the growth and learning you received through that transformation
    3. Gratitude for all those who played a roll
    4. Celebration for your kick-ass-ness
  2. Plot the key elements on the Change State Indicator
    1. A > B: The context for the story
    2. B: …and then one day… tell them about how either i) the rug was pulled out or ii) you became aware of an amazing new possibility (D)
    3. B > C: The shadow time.
    4. C: Enough! This is the decision you made FOR you. This turns you away from the problem and towards the solution
    5. C > D: Journey of building new skills, resources, beliefs and values
    6. D: Your new normal – Woot!
    7. Tie back: So now what? How does this story allow you to serve others?
  3. Explore your story
    1. Let others in the group hear your story and provide feedback
    2. Record yourself telling your story for your own review
    3. Explore the elements

This will prepare you for the next phase – crafting your story for best effect

Due Date: Monday, May 13th (let me know if your group is finished early!)

Feedback Considerations

When giving feedback on this assignment to your group members, focus on the following things:

  • Does the context allow you to appreciate the impact of B?
  • Do the circumstances from B > C warrant the decision at C?
  • Does the journey to D have a great list of ah-ha’s, change in behaviours, decisions, resources
  • Is the tie-back relevant for their chosen audience?

Seek feedback from your group and mentors throughout

Engage in the process to have enough experience to formulate all of your questions. Post questions in the #assignments Slack channel.

This assignment is designed to ensure:

  • Build the skill of story design
  • Work together in groups to foster norming & forming

Pro Tip: Stay focused on this initial assignment and allow the process to evolve

Bonus Pro Tip: Avoid writing the story out. Keep it chunked up in point form and allow it to evolve as you tell it each time.

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