Level Up:

Leadership Capacity Builder

Interactive learning for entrepreneurs, corporate managers and coaches ready to level up their leadership

Karen Kessler

CEO, ChooseRESULTS Training

Is this behaviour familiar for yourself or your clients?


Sensing a need to step up your game to the next level


Feeling scattered or overwhelmed


Quietly suffering with self esteem issues and low self confidence


Battling imposter syndrome


Lone wolfing it to the point that your independence means isolation 


Finally done with the 'my way or the highway' and open to real solutions

You deserve a program that gets results so

you can Level Up.

Learn a System

Uncover a simple, systematic framework that allows you to integrate the learning into your daily life and create the future you want

Get Feedback

Learn from Karen in-person at the 2- day intensive, and from your peers in the online community

Ensure Results

Identify new perspectives for greater leadership capacity and control your feelings and state of mind

What past and current students have to say...



'Deep learning and new perspectives to spark my next level of growth'

~ Karen Collacutt

Structured Transparency 

'Karen is one of the most transparent and well structured facilitators whom I have had the privilege of working with.'

~ Matthew D. Gardner

Forever Transformed

'Karen truly has a gift and a passion to teach and facilitate lasting change in those who seek it.'

~Gillian Whyatt

Here's what is included:


Self Directed Learning

Flexible and engaging video training. Modules designed for all learning styles. Fun challenges to integrate your learning.


2-Day Intensive

Schedule into a 2-day that works for you and join together with like-minded people. This experiential weekend is designed to go deeper and to receive feedback from experienced trainers.



Daily forum support and weekly Q&A video calls. Build long lasting relationships with others who are as thirsty for excellence as you are.

Leadership Capacity Building Curriculum Sneak Peak

+ Perspectives on Change

+ Path of Your Transformation

+ 4 Stages of Competence

+ Your Mind - It Has an Agenda

+ Focus as a Skill Set

+ Emotions vs Feelings

+ Self Hypnosis

+ Secret to Empowerment

+ The Mirrors in Your World

+ Introduction to NLP

+ Principles for Success

+ Uncovering What is Really at Stake

+ Rapport with Self and Others

+ Deep Dive - Power Language

+ ... plus more than 12 tools!

3 payments of $350 or save with 1 payment of $997

Karen is a two-time international award-winning entrepreneur passionate about developing Next-Level Leaders.

She uses her expertise to prepare Leaders to increase their impact and reach in this world; those Leaders committed to connect deeply and inspire life-long change in their tribe.

Karen insists on providing relevant trainings that provide access to the skills, tools, and perspectives required to Level Up.