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NEW! Next-level LeaderTM: Program Your Inner World for Leadership Mastery

Its time to STOP dancing around the truth. You are the sum total of your internal programs. The ones you have been building and perfecting since birth. For a long time they have worked wonderfully.

NOW you have decided to embrace your desire to help others and have chosen to do that through the freedom of entrepreneurship or a promotion. Doh! Your internal programs have evolved to a certain point. They might be in ‘not entrepreneur’ mode or in a lower leadership mode. 

Now what? Its clear.

Your programs need an upgrade. Possibly a whole download and installation for ‘Next-level Leader’.

I want you to have access to them NOW. Within this program you will install the programs in a single day, setting you up for immediate leadership RESULTS.

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If its been hard.

If you wonder if you should give up.

If you are not where you thought you should be…

Then let’s talk about your deepest and most unconscious programs. They run outside of your awareness all day every day. Everything that you do has a program. Those things you do well are programs. You have run them so often that its super easy and seemingly effortless for you.

Then, you decided to build a new life; one with greater meaning for you. It required a new way of doing things. How’s that working for you? Its been hard hasn’t it? Frustrating?

When you decided to go for it, you were excited. You knew you had so much going for you. You are smart. You know how to work hard. And you had such passion to succeed. The truth is, even though these are all necessary components…its just not enough to succeed as a leader.

To even gain the skills that will enable you to flourish, new programs are required. The traditional way takes a lot of time to install new programs. Hundreds of correct repetitions are required until things starts to flow. What happens if you are going about it trial and error? What if you do it correctly and it feels awkward, so you dismiss it?

What if I were to tell you that understanding the process of how human beings install new programs allows me to speed up that process? What if I were to tell you that I have access to successful leaders who have allowed me to study their leadership programs – the ones that allow them to stay focused & congruent, make strategic & smart decisions, and track continual growth in their world? What if I offered to install the same programs in you?

Would you?

Are you truly willing to follow the process, embrace excellence in yourself and truly help people and build your legacy? Think about it. Are you truly willing?

When you are congruent from your thoughts to your actions, then there is ease and flow, you want it all the time, and you are tracking towards the success you know you deserve.

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Your Outcomes for

Next-Level Leader™:

Program Your Inner World for Leadership Mastery

  • Identify the Missing Programs

    Identify the missing programs at the unconscious level that are standing in the way of your success. You were programmed to master your old life – this new one, with you as a Next-level Leader requires different programming

  • Install Your Programs

    Update your programming at the unconscious level to create a greater level of congruency and ease while building your dream. Change at the unconscious level has to be easy – kids do it all the time! Having access to the process and know what change to make for your outcome is were I come in.

  • Plan to Build Your New Program Muscle

    Once the unconscious programming is in place, it will be very simple to action for growing skill development based on those programs. We will review the main skill sets for a Next-Level Leader and prioritize your gaps and create a plan for you to build those skills while your team and tribe grow

There are three elements to the program

Before the Workshop: Assessments

  1. 1 on 1 video session prior to the workshop with a ChooseRESULTS Master Coach to complete your assessments in advance of the workshop
  2. Personal plan created by Karen for you. Includes programs to install and programs to tweak to support your success

At the Workshop: Awakening Your Next-level Leadership

  1. Receive your assessments and learn how they weave into your leadership journey
  2. Install and tweak your programming at the workshop to match the ideal for your next step into Next-level Leadership 
  3. Discover your skill gaps
  4. Build a personalized plan to fill the skill gaps now that your unconscious programming is congruent

After the workshop: Resource & Flourish

  1. Community group access where questions and answers will flow. Everyone will share their success
  2. A 30 minute laser coaching follow up call with Karen to make any further adjustments, if required, once you action your new programs

This program may be for you…

If its been hard.

If you wonder secretly if you should give up.

If you are not where you thought you should be…

What you need to know

Modeling is Required

If you have never been there, how do you know what it should look like when you arrive?

What is the consequence of having programs running at the unconscious level…that means out of your awareness… that are not aligned with being a successful heart based leader?

How much time, money, and energy is it draining?

Raving Fan: Rosalie Jones

“Gave me a clearer direction of how my business has the potential to grow from multiple marketing tiers, avoiding pain points $$ with clients, as the trust is built.”

‘Your programs are running out of your awareness! Only your results tell you if they are serving you’

~ Karen Kessler, 2014

Raving Fan: Deborah Hatanaka

“I walked out of there incredibly motivated and excited about my future.”

Join me for this small group program and truly launch your business and your dreams

Raving Fan: Dr. Matthew Serrick

“Karen Kessler  was very professional, confident, empathetic, extremely practical, and solution-oriented. She worked with me to determine a focused and realistic goal to support the growth of my business, and started me on the first steps I needed to take to achieve this goal”

Now is the time!

Now is the time!

Now is the time!

Even though formulas say I should price the program at $3,000, I am so passionate about delivering this program that I am pricing it at $1750.

You may even also qualify for further discounts! Deposit required to secure your seat. Payment plans available.

Small group format means you get personal attention.

Lunch, coffee, and tea are all included

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About Karen

Celebrating her second international award for women in business in as many years, Karen Kessler uses her expertise to prepare Leaders ready to increase their impact and reach in this world. Those Leaders committed to connect deeply and inspire life-long change in their tribe.

She is passionate about providing access to the skills, tools, and perspectives required to build a passionate business; one that fills both your wallet and your soul.

Karen’s research and exploration into leadership, motivation, inspiration and the human brain/body/soul connection have created an understanding of what she calls the Next-Level Leader – A leader that has expanded on their natural leadership talent and brings a focus on mastering the skillsets while they foster leadership in others.

Karen is known for her leadership, integrity, and focus on results. Her reputation grew as she progressed rapidly through leadership positions in corporate, government and her growing Next-level Leader Community.

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These people and many more have attended Karen’s other programs. Read what they have to say.

Tiziana Benvenuto

I’m all about results – fast – and the Road To RESULTS™: Design Program was both fast and focused on generating results!  Before attending the training I was overwhelmed with the possibilities and expending a lot of energy ‘thinking about it’. Karen is absolutely a rock star for cutting through the noise quickly by asking questions that elicit the answers you didn’t know you had, pointing out and knocking out obstacles, and tasking with action that gets you set up as an expert in your field. Instead of wasting time, money and energy trying to figure it out on your own, register for Road To RESULTS™: Design Program for clarity, specific actions and a revenue stream – fast.

Tiziana Benvenuto
Lisa Elliott

I took Karen’s Road to RESULTS™: Design Program on the recommendation of a friend – boy, am I ever glad that I did take it.  I was just starting up my business and was really in the crazy tree, going every which way but in the direction that I needed to go.  Not only did Karen talk me down from the crazy tree, but she also helped me get a grip on what steps I needed to take to move forward.  Her advice and patience resonated with me and helped me to take concrete steps to move my business forward.  She was also there for me when I needed follow-up help.  If you want to get a grip on your business plan, see real change quickly and hear new growth, then take Karen’s course!

Lisa Elliott
Teresa Scaini

Just this last month I had the privilege of attending Road to RESULTS™: Design Program with Karen Kessler.  I have recently opened up a business and have struggled with getting it to take off.  It almost seemed like it was impossible.  I have worked in the public and private sector for many years with a wide variety of skills.  Having a great amount of skills, I quickly came to realize that I had no experience in running a business and zero skills as an entrepreneur.

Karen Kessler was instrumental in helping me identify who my target population is in great detail.  She was able to construct a plan of how to go about getting my business started and where to generate my leads in sales.  Through Karen’s Road to RESULTS™: Design Program, I have been able to put together a concrete plan leading me to results.  Road to RESULTS™ is about getting down to the detail of what your vision is, who you are best to serve and most importantly your message.

This course has greatly benefited me because I now know the steps that are needed to make my business flourish.  Karen’s detailed Road to RESULTS™: Design Program is easy to understand and has been designed for anyone to master.  Let Karen Kessler show you the way to get your business started or prospering at higher levels.  Thank you Karen for a well designed program and your expertise in business.

Teresa Scaini

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