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Do all this while working together to achieve your goals in this 6-month skills development program.

4 key elements come together for a powerful mix of knowledge and skills. You have a powerful message and expertise. People need to hear it! Let’s increase your IMPACT and REACH!

Own The Room

Effective & Fun Group Training

People more and more expect to be engaged while they learn. They want to know that they will learn something meaningful while enjoying the process. As competition rises – it’s critical to nail the stage skills as a foundation.

Share Your Story

Discover Your Story

Find the powerful gold in your story in a way that leverages your lessons and leads to clients. The art of the story is a profound way to connect with your audience. They want to see the real you – in all of your messy glory!


Curriculum Development

The journey to training and speaking to groups is about being both entertaining and informative. Design events, trainings, and programs that will reach all learning styles to increase your effectiveness instantly.



A leadership impact skill that only truly develops after we have mastered independence…in its true sense. Make the leap and build the skills to weave magic with your cohorts in a way that elevates everyone at once. Your dance of success.

This Program Includes:

  • Launch Day

    This round of Your Stage & Story includes a launch day. This day is designed to layer in the ‘must-have’ foundational skill sets to create a strong start for everyone. This opportunity to meet everyone will elevate the online experience in advance of our first weekend intensive.

  • Four Weekend Intensives

    These intensives are designed to install the very skill sets you need at the unconscious level. These trainings will be as fun as they are transformative.

  • Zoom Virtural Trainings

    Virtual zoom and pre-recorded training from Karen and key experts to supplement your program. The learning and application never stops.

  • Monthly Q&A Calls

    Each month, there will be a Q&A call for you to have your questions answered and receive laser coaching from Karen.

  • Graduate Mentors

    Mentors are all successful graduates of the program. Who better to assist in motivating you throughout the program? Who better to provide feedback and guidance? It’s all about your results!

  • Business Assets

    Having tangible assets that directly benefit your business is key in a program like this. You will have created for your own business:

    • Your own list of impactful stories to share
    • 10 minute Video Training
    • 5 Training Video Series
    • Everything you create belongs to you!!

Program Topics Include:

  • Build Deep Trust

    Magic of authentic intention.  Congruence in mind, body, and spirit creates trust and leads to deep authentic connection. Raving fans buy more programs and refer their friends

  • Love your Confidence and Composure on Stage

    Confidence and composure on stage. Expand your reach from coffee dates to world stages when you are focused on the audience entirely. Video, speaking, workshops, trainings, and group programs are key to leveraging  you to increase your reach so your much-needed message is seeded in the world.

  • Always Know What to Say

    Always know what to say. Learn three ways to organize your thoughts so that no matter the situation you will be seen as the expert you are when you speak.

  • Working Personal and Room Energy

    Be energized by speaking and training. Stay on top of your game before during and after. This has so many benefits.

    • Increase sales by nailing the follow up!
    • Train over long hours and days with the same energy levels!
    • Have your finger on the pulse of the room and never be surprised!
  • Own Your Room

    Calibrate your audience. Know when you have them, know the moment you have outpaced them and bring them back. Handle hecklers elegantly, and always have your focus on creating the mood in the room that you intend. You are the conductor!

  • Engage Early and Often

    Keep your participants engaged. People and crowds are dynamic. Speaking to everyone in the room is a pattern anyone can learn that keeps everyone present and receiving from you. If recognition for how much you give is important – then let’s be sure you set the audience up to receive!

  • Make a Difference

    Skillsets to train anyone, anything. It doesn’t matter which learning styles are present in the room – you will always present information in a way that captures and engages everyone! You will have added value into their lives.

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